Paris Rivera  @iamparisrivera

Online feature


Where are you from? New York, NY


Measurements: 34DD, 23", 38"


Everyone has that nerd side even if we try not show it, give us something that make nerd side of you come out? Why?  I love reading, all I need is a book and a glass of wine to keep me happy when my mind is on 100 things.


Lights on or lights off ? Lights on


Even if you’re not bi/gay every girl has a girl crush, who’s yours? Cassie, she's gorgeous.


What can we catch you doing on days off? Sleeping


Foreplay or right to the point? I love foreplay, but sometimes straight to the point is necessary


Modeling is a big tease, do you see your self as a tease or right to point type person? I know I'm a tease, I've been told several times.


Most misjudged thing about you? From my appearance everyone assumes I'm stuck up, but I'm the most down to earth person ever.


If we ask your fans what they think is your sexiest body part, what you think they would say? My face and my boobs, #BentleyBoobs


Do you have a hot spot- a place when kissed that instantly gets you in the mood? Yes, my neck.


Boy shorts or thongs? Both


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